Portfolio of our brides in our dresses. Photo & video content.
  • The image of the bride lies in the details. In the way she smiles, what veil on her, etc. But a huge role is played by the wedding bouquet

  • Sometimes, the answer to the most important life question is kept in a few words. Look closely at the signs around you ... ⬆️

  • Designers of the brand #dariakarlozi believe that if they create dresses, they are only the best. And here you can not argue, because each model is unique, and most importantly - it has its own history and zest

  • In the collection "Fragrant Dream" there is a model that is ideal for an elegant and brave bride. The dress has a stylish V-neck on the chest, which leaves behind a riddle and some kind of understatement, and a pure laconic skirt emphasizes the refinement and laconism of the image.

  • This year, #pantone pleased us with the stylish color of the year, which looks something like this. But except for him, all the #nude shades "just burst" into fashion. Do not they look great on wedding models? ...

  • Each bride dreams of painting her love story with bright colors and unforgettable emotions. And, behold, if you start with a gentle powder color dresses from #dariakarlozi? ..

  • For the team #dariakarlozi, the best compliment is the photos of the newlyweds. And looking at them, the heart is filled with love, and the mind whispers: "Everything is right. We are moving in the right direction. "❤️.

  • Sometimes, the answer to the most important life question is kept in a few words. Look closely at the signs around you ... ⬆️

  • Sometimes an amazing dress can require numerous decorations, plentiful decor and complex combinations of fabrics. And sometimes, a simple but perfectly fitted silhouette and perfectly matched fabric create an equally impressive effect than generously decorated dresses. This photo of our bride - a vivid example of this ❤️

  • Caution! Dangerously beautiful model we start on the air! It is so stunning and spectacular that the additional description is unnecessary. But if that - our managers are always in touch.

  • If the bride wants something special - her desire for us is the law. Here, as in this image - all the tenderness of floral appliques joined together in one dress. And yet, he was given a unique color by powder color and beautiful sleeves. Who else likes this flower extravaganza? ...

  • For brides to choose a wedding dress - that's another task. You need to re-measure dozens of models, review hundreds of designs and options - uhhh, the mission is not easy. Would be ... without the brand #dariakarlozi