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About Us

Daria Karlozi - get to the finish!

Nowadays, every bride wants to find not just a beautiful dress, but a real wedding image that would fully correspond to her inner world! Thinly feeling this need, the brand team of "Daria Karlozi" has been creating exclusive wedding collections for many years and this makes happier and flawless all of its brides.

In each collection there is a new reflection of modern wedding fashion. But there is only one thing that remains unchanged: in all there is a classic in all its broad facets. And it is these "faces" that make each dress unique, unique and very stylish. Take a closer look and you, wedding images from the "Daria Karlozi" is easy to recognize at a glance!

Designers pay much attention to fittings and jewelry for wedding models. For each dress - exclusive author's accessories. They show attention to detail and a great love for their work. This makes the brand "Daria Karlozi" the first among equals.

As you have already noticed, after reading this paragraph, great love is invested in the creation of wedding models. Probably, this is one of the main reasons that the brand is highly appreciated not only by brides, by many respected wedding salons, but also recognized by people from high fashion. In dresses "Daria Karlozi" often perform at various beauty contests and fashion shows.

You can write a lot more, but you just want to say the main thing: "We believe in the uniqueness of each bride! We create only the best! "

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