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Mandatory element of the wedding style is the veil. The tradition to cover head of the bride came to us from the times of ancient Greece. White veil as a symbol of loyalty and obedience to the future husband, as well as evidence of the purity and innocence of the bride. Our ancestors believed that veil can protected the bride from evil spirits. Modern girls do not attach much importance to length of the veil, but ancient sign says - the longer the veil, the longer and happier life together, will be waiting for spouses. This attribute of wedding style certainly must be combined with the dress. Although the length and style can be different - from short to super long passing to the train, but border and design must be in harmony with the finished wedding style of the bride. Veil can be both single-tier and multi-tier. Now very popular lush tiered mid-length veil, the top layer which can cover the face of the bride. And veil-biggin - its delicate lace completely cover the head of the bride. Whatever, what kind of veil you will choose, it will certainly gives you a mystery, charm and it is a pleasant memory of the most important event in your life.