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You have chosen a wedding dress of your dreams, now we must make sure that dress is perfectly sitting on you. Silhouette of dress is spotless, if properly pick to him petticoat. Thanks to petticoat wedding dress will keep conceived form, and also give you the ability to move freely and feel comfortable. Not to spoil the multilayered skirts and give it greater splendor, using special metal hoops. It may be from 1 to 5 hoops. They are almost weightless, not deformed, not break and retain the shape of your dress to the end of the celebration. Hoops of the petticoat form a beautiful dome and lift up the edge of the dress. Due to the elastic top of the petticoat, they are suitable for girls with different sizes. Depending on the style of wedding dress, we use various types of petticoats, petticoats and crinolines. The main thing - when you are walking the bottom part of the wedding dress should not create unnecessary inconvenience.