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Daria Karlozi 2017
Nowadays there is no lack of wedding dresses or accessories. A lot of wedding salons offer a huge selection of dresses from the luxury to the low quality ones. It would seem that it is possible to be lost in such a huge range, because even within the specific price range hundreds of manufacturers with thousands of models are presented… But Daria Karlozi wedding dresses favorably distinguish among this variety. They appear to be recognizable, amazing and luxurious. Collection 2017 presents something amazing. It is based on the classic A-silhouette dress, but it also has something to offer those who want to stand out and choose something less traditional – miniature and short wedding dresses, mermaid silhouette dresses. Constantly high-quality fabrics and decorative elements that are used by Daria Karlozi craftsmen, allow even dresses of most uncomplicated style to become unique and luxurious dresses. Details and accessories which are selected by designers complement each other perfectly as well as whole attire, forming complete and admirable image. The basis of top dress most is a corset, which is due to the unique technology of our craftsmen do not bring any inconveniences, and only emphasize the beauty of the bride forms. Elegant wedding dresses, presented in the new collection would give the opportunity to feel like the most admirable lady in the world. Dresses are designed to make every bride eye catching and to feel like a queen. Designers pay great attention to gentle lace which we can find in almost every model, that giving it a unique elegance. Lace was unjustly neglected for a long time, but designers Daria Karlozi expertly revived its former glory. Now it is an integral part of most models, but each of them is unique and inimitable. Luxurious wedding dresses are manually embroidered with beads and pearls, decorated with Swarovski crystals and complemented with exclusive accessories. All this makes the image of the bride impeccable and sophisticated, as she had dreamed of. Templates do not exist for our designers, so each model is the result of careful and meticulous work, and every detail of the completed dress complements and highlights its beauty. Wedding Dress is not just a special kind of apparel. It appears to be of high importance for a bride, her groom and guests, as well as for people who worked on its creation. Therefore, the company Daria Karlozi assures that we create not just a dress, but magic.