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Spanish brand of the wedding fashion «Daria Karlozi» distinguished by quality and style of their products. Wholesale customers - the owners of the salons of wedding dresses, wedding and event-agencies, shops of wedding and evening wear - will appreciate the variety of models, natural fabrics, hand embroidery and the finest lace.

Bride scrupulously and demandingly refers to the selection of wedding dresses, and, given the different types of female figures, their advantages and disadvantages, tastes and fashion trends, it is necessary to provide a wide range of dresses for fitting room. Then wedding dresses «Daria Karlozi» comes to the aid.

Certificate Daria Karlozi
Daria Karlozi - Touch to perfection!

Every bride says "wedding day is unique event in her life". The memory of the celebration should be memorable, so it is important to consider all the details. And first of all it concerns the wedding attire. The girl who wants to look on her wedding day flawlessly choose only premium class dress. Masterpieces of wedding fashion modern bride can easily find in collection of wedding dresses from Daria Karlozi.     
Spanish brand Daria Karlozi - is the new name in the wedding industry in eastern Europe. From the first days of existence, we have taken a worthy place among the best manufacturers of wedding dresses. Each dress created by designers Daria Karlozi is unique. They are the extraordinary tenderness, femininity, grace and magic!
Creating wedding dresses Daria Karlozi to trust only to high-end professionals. Our designers are trained in Spain, Italy, France, learning from the experience in leading European experts, learning the secrets of technological prowess. In producing of the dresses we using the latest computer technology innovations that help bring new models to perfection. Every stitch, every line, every wrinkle on the dress is created and sewn with love and professionalism. On the creation and development of models employs a large team, exerting maximum effort and diligence. We can only guess, what a tremendous work, unique flair and exquisite workmanship involved in creating each model! Talent and imagination of designers of wedding dresses Daria Karlozi thus embodied in works of art.  
Due to the unusual symbiosis of Spanish charm and elegance with Eastern European pragmatism, we give our customers a sense of originality and perfection. Bride in our dresses not only looking great, but also feel comfortable and safe. Keeping up with the latest trends in wedding fashion world, our designers are doing their best to make the dresses of Spanish TM Daria Karlozi are well known in the windows of European salons and boutiques. We produce not simple dresses, we produce luxurious wedding dresses and completed by handmade embroider with crystals Swarovski, pearls. Lace and silk, satin and chiffon, lace and cobweb scattering beads, fragrant flowers and shimmering crystals - each dress luster, elegance, grace.  
Wedding dresses Daria Karlozi can satisfy any bride, because collection has outfits for modest, delicate girls, and for exquisite, ambitious women. We offer a wide range of design solutions. This dress made of natural fabrics, including Chinese silk with fine Spanish lace, Chantelle, with English tulle, which holds its shape well and is not deformed. Corsets of the dresses perfect lie on any figure, they hide minor flaws and do not need a push-up. In a dress with a corset bride will look perfect.          
With regard to the diversity of models, their choice is limitless. But whatever model you choose - classical or huge plume, graceful or elegant mermaid A- silhouette, in one thing you can be sure - in one of the dresses from Daria Karlozi you will be a Queen of the evening.   

Regularly attending European shows and taking a part in them, we are constantly improving, taking a part in the training, following the latest news of leading companies in the world of wedding fashion, and it gives us the opportunity to make the collection unique and memorable. Brand Daria Karlozi has become known throughout the world. Our dresses wore brides from Italy, Spain, France, America, Russia, the Baltic States and even Africa.    
Dresses from Daria Karlozi - dreams come true!